Is your child ready for preschool?

A smooth and successful preschool experience is the goal of teacher and parent alike. Children attending preschool need to have basic skills mastered. Is your child ready for preschool, not a day care, environment? Are they ready for an academic program with transitions ? Can they adapt to a schedule? As you look forward to this exciting step in your child’s life, please give consideration to the following:


Can my child…
eat and drink independently?
manage a lunch box and containers?
manage a backpack zipper?
manage clothing, coat, and shoes?
wash hands?
clean up a play area?
independently tend to her/his own toileting needs?


Does my child…
have the ability to listen to a story?
understand that other children have feelings?
show an interest in learning new things and/or meeting new friends?
show a willingness to share and take turns?
have an understanding of rules and consequences?
respond well to routines?


is my child easily understood?
can my child ask for help if s/he need it?
can my child express emotions, needs and requests?
can my child follow through on 2-3 step directions?.


say goodbye?
spend time away from me?
handle transitions?

adapt to a schedule?

Playing outside in fresh air at Little Blessings Preschool, Vancouver WA

Our teachers inspire children to question, engage, sense, seek, and discover as they begin their educational journey. Our flexible program prepares, stimulates, and encourages the development of your child, in a warm and safe learning environment with Catholic and family values integrated throughout the day. We welcome all beliefs at Little Blessings Preschool. Our program promotes nurturing the whole child in play, in spirit, and academics, with highly skilled, certificated teachers. 

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